Mills Total Lawn Care Services

Let Mills Services "Open Up" your property! Properly maintained and well-placed trees can provide major enhancements to any property. trees that are well cared for add beauty to your property and can raise the value of your estate. Our Tree service is unique, offering more than most companies who "specialize" in this area.

Mills Services draws on many years of experience. We can do almost anything in your yard including seasonal lawn treatments, hedge pruning, rubbish removal, landscaping etc. We can set up a detailed garden maintenance program, or simply help turn a shabby lawn into the best looking property in the street.

Let us help take the confusing out of fertilization.

As grass doesn't flower, it needs a different type of fertilizer from other garden plants - it's all about encouraging the 'leaves'. With so many fertilizers on the nursery shelves designed especially for lawns, it can be confusing to know what each one does and which is the product for you. But don't worry, Mills Services can help with our fertilization service.

Basic Lawn Care Package:
Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, And One Time Deals

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Lawn Talk

The best way to get your lawn ready for summer is to feed it in spring.It will not only look green it will also be stronger against diseases, patchiness, moss and weeds. It will also help toughen it up for the onslaught of activities it is going to endure. We are ready for your lawn

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